Out of 48 contenders, THC wins “BEST IN SHOW” at the 2016 National Tiny House Jamboree!!! Check it out!

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In terms of tiny house builders, Tiny House Chattanooga is the new kid on the block.
So, what separates us from everyone else? Safety. Quality. Innovation. Precision. It’s these focal points THC will never compromise.
We are a premium builder who never loses sight of YOUR goals, YOUR budget and YOUR timeline.
THC consistently delivers the highest quality no matter the budget.

Hi!  We’re Tiny House Chattanooga and we’re very happy you’re here!

Check out our latest build, “The Lookout” on display NOW at the National #TinyHouseJamboree in Colorado Springs!
Special thanks to Deek Diedricksen, of Relax Shacks fame, for the video coverage and his continued support.