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The tiny house experts, Tiny House Chattanooga & Tiny House Foundations, have teamed up!

Build your way with pre-designed & custom choices for every lifestyle & budget.​

DIY Steel Frame TINY House Kits • Custom Tiny House Trailers

Tiny House Shell Builds • Fully Custom Tiny House Builds


steel frame kits

Assemble your own tiny house with NO building experience! 
Or you can hire a professional.
We leave the choice to you!

Solid Foundations.

tiny house trailers

The most important, not to mention, the biggest spend, will be your tiny house foundation.  We won’t let you screw it up.

Share the love.

shell builds

Hire us to do the “heavy lifting” & leave the fun stuff for you!
Do it on your schedule & in budget!

Go all in.

pro built homes

Feel more comfortable letting professionals build your home?
We’ve got you..

“One of the most important aspects of this tiny house, or any tiny house, is the trailer that it sits on. We chose a 16’ bumper pull (Tiny House) Foundations trailer. It really is the cornerstone of our tiny house on wheels.”

— Bryce Langston, Host
“Living Big in a Tiny House” 
YouTube Series

Get your questions answered by one of the most highly respected tiny house experts in the country.

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Mike educating potential tiny housers at the Tiny House Jamboree.