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Of course price & aesthetics are very important when choosing a builder. However, it’s the people you’re really hiring.

You won’t find anyone more talented, dedicated or impassioned than those who will see your project through at Tiny House Chattanooga & Tiny House Foundations.


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Chattanooga with a satellite office in Cleveland, GA

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Tiny House Chattanooga is proudly operated out of the diverse, exciting downtown city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. This company is the direct result from our humble roots in home remodeling. As a crew, we have decades of combined experience ranging from custom specialty projects to complete home reconstruction.

photo of Mike Bedsole at the Tiny House ConferenceIn 2014, Mike Bedsole, the company’s founder, began researching the tiny house movement and was drawn to the community’s intense demand for innovation. This became the driving force behind leaving the traditional, cookie-cutter builds and decided to design & create smart, right-sized, if not sometimes complex, layouts which have become synonymous with Tiny House Chattanooga’s signature style. Building with “out of the box” creativity is what inspires us to deliver dreams into a livable reality. Our knowledge, expertise, and determination for quality, a built-to-last product will always remain at the core of what we do; and do very well.

Over the years, we have won numerous awards, but our favorites remain our back to back wins with our first (luxury) build, “the Nooga Blue Sky”, winning The People’s Choice “Best in Show” at the 2015 National Tiny House Jamboree and just a year later with our most popular design to date, “the Lookout” also earning the “Best in Show” award  at the 2016 Jam. To be completely honest, we just really wanted to make building innovative, exciting, and fun again.

If you want to build with a company that focuses upon creatively unlocking the unlimited potential of tiny houses while keeping the build integrity paramount, request a quote from us today! 

Meet the Team

photo of Michael Bedsole

Michael Bedsole

Founder | President | CEO

Born a Floridian, Mike has lived the majority of his life in or around the beautifully diverse city that is Chattanooga, Tennessee.

After college, Mike’s ambitious nature landed him leadership roles in a series of Fortune 500 companies.  While he quickly climbed the corporate ladder, Mike knew in his heart, he was destined for entrepreneurship.

In 2012, Back to Life Properties, LLC was formed, a full service home improvement and remodeling company. Through word of mouth alone, it wasn’t long before the locally-owned business was thriving and Mike’s reputation among the community soared. He never expected the tiny house bug  to bite and bite hard it did!

In 2015, Mike opened Tiny House Chattanooga’s doors to America. Having forged a very close partnership with Volstrukt, Mike introduced the first steel framed tiny house to the United States market. The ‘Nooga Blue Sky’ earned industry acclaim, national press coverage and proudly took top honors at the first ever “Tiny House Jamboree” in Colorado Springs. Since then, Mike has become a recognized industry leader and tiny house expert in design, development and manufacturing.

Mike lives in downtown Chattanooga with his wife and two pups. When the kids are home from college, you can find the entire clan boating the Tennessee river, biking, checking out new restaurants and of course, watching college football. Though don’t assume him a fan of “the Big Orange”. Oh no, he’s a die-hard Crimson Tider; which makes for a lot of (fun?) smack talking around the office!

photo of Kelley Chambers

Kelley Chambers

Director | Creative & Operations

With a father in the radio industry, Kelley’s family moved frequently; 12 times in 7 years to be exact. Kelley considers San Diego her home but has the heart & soul of a southern girl.

After graduating UCSD, Kelley dived into her career by joining a (then) top 10 “Dotcom” tech corporation. Not long after, the proverbial “Dotcom Bubble”  burst forcing her to completely shift gears and return to Atlanta. 

She landed a position as a senior level UX/UI designer & web developer with a real estate publishing company. Between the print media industry dying a slow death and  the Company’s poor executed corporate buy-outs, her position ended in layoff.

In the midst of 2012’s recession, Kelley opened a web design & development business, “Runs With Pixels”. RWP focused on the success of the small business through a combination of branding, print & interactive marketing and social media management. Fun fact: her previous boss was her first client. 🙂

In early 2015, Tiny House Chattanooga signed on as a RWP client. Kelley  witnessed top notch leadership through Mike, not to mention the quality of work he and his production team consistently delivered. So, in 2016 she joined the Tiny House Chattanooga team full time.

Kelley and her pup, happily live in 240 sf, on a privately deeded lot just outside of Helen, GA. She, too, is a HUGE college football fan; bleeding Red & Black for her beloved Georgia Bulldogs her entire life. Yep, let the smack talking commence!