Custom Steel Framed Kits & Tiny House Trailers

Tiny House Chattanooga offers Custom Tiny House Trailers & Steel Frame Kits, available in bumper pull and gooseneck options, exclusively through our sister company, Tiny House Foundations.

Bryce Langston, of  Living Big in a Tiny House fame, entrusted our sister company, Tiny House Foundations as well as Volstrukt, with his Steel Frame Kit and Foundations Tiny House TrailerTM for his first US tiny house build. This 16' one-of-a-kind beauty was first unveiled at the 2018 National Tiny House Jamboree in Austin, Texas.

You, too, can have an award winning DIY build! We offer Bryce's kit, professionally designed kits or you can design your own custom steel frame!  These professionally designed DIY options are brought to you by the same people behind the award winning Tiny House Chattanooga brand! So, check out our sister company Tiny House Foundations today!