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Live intentionally.

Buy a custom tiny house trailer that was intentionally engineered for adventurous lifestyles like yours.

Unlike equipment trailers or even RV trailersFoundations Trailers are designed specifically for building tiny houses and mobile businesses. Safety, security, and durability  remained paramount in our trailers’ design & engineering. Each tiny house trailer is built to endure the rigors of the road as demanded by adventure-seeking people!

Gooseneck with Steel Frame KitTHF trailers come “build-ready” and are guaranteed not to require any prep.Our trailers also ensures the maximum number of connection points between the house and the trailer, safeguarding the two remain safely bonded for the life of your home. The best part? Your custom-manufactured trailer isn’t any more expensive than a non-custom trailer! You also gain tremendous peace of mind knowing your trailer comes properly sized with the correct connections for a lifelong attachment. Pairing our trailers with any of our steel frame kits makes for the perfect DIY setup!

Though we’re known for our gooseneck trailers, we can also build bumper-pull trailers, deckover trailers and even container home trailers.  Have specific requirements or need us to accommodate a particular design? NO problem! Consider it just another advantage of working directly with a custom manufacturer.

What trailer suits your build best?

gooseneck trailer

a unique look with big time benefits

As “the Lookout” became a fan-favorite for it’s bedroom standing height, we quickly became known as Gooseneck trailer experts. Goosenecks inherently offer added space, Gooseneck trailers also provide additional safety, mobility ease, the most stable foundation for towing and an increased towing weight capacity.

Manueurability is where Gooseneck trailers shine. They have a raised hitch allowing connection to a hitch receiver in the bed of a truck. A gooseneck trailer won’t sway or wobble behind your towing vehicle as much as a bumper pull will. You also won’t find many bumper pull trailers being backed in or making sharp turns. 

We do recommend the towing truck be at least a F-250/2500 series which offer added stability and extra capacity

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» Get Pricing for a Custom Gooseneck Trailer «
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» Get Pricing for a Custom Gooseneck Trailer «
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bumper pull trailer

america's most popular tiny house trailer

Bumper pull trailers are the most popular for many reasons; one of which is they are less  expensive than goosenecks and offer more traditional house aesthetic.

A bumper pull trailer connects to the tow vehicle’s hitch via a ball coupler, which is attached to the rear of the vehicle and under the bumper.

Another benefit of the bumper pull trailer is many vehicles are equipped to tow a bumper pull trailer which are also much less expensive than the F-250/2500 series trucks we recommend for goosenecks.

deckover trailer

the bumper pull's not-so-popular sibling

Deckover trailers were derived from the bumper pull. The main difference between the deckover and traditional bumper pull trailers is the raised deck above the fenders allowing a entirely flat surface on the deckover trailer. 

While that flat surface may be enticing for the DIY tiny house builder, it’s not without downsides. The biggest trade-off is the reduction of interior height in your home making this trailer type only suitable for loft-free tiny house designs. Another downside is that raising the deck height will require two (2) additional steps leading into the house; thereby making it physically difficult for some dwellers.

It’s for the reasons noted above that Tiny House Chattanooga nor Tiny House Foundations haven’t received orders for a deckover trailer. However, if this is something you would like built, we certainly can do it for you. Let’s chat!

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features on all trailer styles:


Welded Belly Pan

This is a welded sheet of metal located on the underside of the trailer frame that shields the trailer from exterior elements and the rigors of the road.

Structural Fenders

Our structural fenders are built to hold the wall weight with high energy absorption and low reaction force. Others require a header to span the weight to each side.

Tube Main Frame

100%, steel tubular frame! Structurally speaking, a tube frame is much stronger than C-channel. Depending on trailer length, we only use 3/16” or 1/4”. Some brands use only 1/8” or even 16-gauge!

All Axle Electric Brakes

Electric brakes on all axles make damned sure your house will stop when you need it to!


Four Corner Jacks ​

Not just a safety measure, but also used to level your tiny house no matter the terrain of where it’s parked.

DOT Stickers & VIN​

Trailers are DOT stickered proving compliance with safety & standards regulations. They are also VIN assigned making it tag-ready by any local DMV.


Breakaway Kit & Safety Chains

Breakaway kits are designed to bring trailers safely to a stop by activating the electric brakes should a trailer disconnect from the truck during transit. The safety chains prevent a trailer from disconnecting if the coupler comes off the ball.

Adjustable Front Coupler

Our premium coupler optimizes your towing capabilities with its quick & easy hook-ups, disconnects, and vertical adjustments.