Steel Frame & Trailer Kit // The Lookout

Finally, they're here!

In 2015, Tiny House Chattanooga was the first to bring steel house framing to the United States. Our second build, "The Lookout" won "Best in Show" at the 2016 National Tiny House Jamboree using this very system. As a result, customized versions of our most popular build have been purchased time & time again. Now, we're offering DIYers, nationwide, the Lookout as a structural kit!

You can now buy the Lookout as a quick-to-ship, DIYer kit featuring Volstrukt's famous steel frame and a high quality, custom tiny house trailer! The combination is delivered directly to you or available for pickup. *** FINANCING IS AVAILABLE *** for any kit you purchase!

Ready to be one of the first to purchase your very own, steel framed Lookout kit? Just call us! 844.453.8469 or click the button below!

you buy it

  • Panelized Steel Framing
  • 1" R3.6 - Zipwall Sheathing for Walls
  • 5/8" Zip System Roof Package
  • Simpson Hardware for installation
  • All necessary fasteners
  • All necessary seam tape for sheathing installation

kit is delivered

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you build it

Volstrukt Steel Frame & Tiny House Trailer Kit

what you get

  • Panelized Steel Frame Tiny House Kit

    ◊ CAD designed, machine manufactured to a 1mm tolerance
    ◊ 20 gauge cold-rolled galvanized structural grade steel
    ◊ Easy to install panelized framing

  • Hardware and Fasteners

    ◊ Simpson HTT4 Anchors
    ◊ 3” x 5/8” Hot Dip Galvanized Tap Bolts with washers & nuts
    ◊ Simpson LTS12 Hurricane Straps
    ◊ Self-Drilling Hex-head screws
    ◊ Self-Drilling Framing Screws
    ◊ Self-Drilling Truss-Head Lath Screws
    ◊ Sill Gasket
    ◊ Loctite
    ◊ Electrical Grommets
    ◊ Lox Drill Bit
    ◊ Hex Drill Bit
    ◊ Philips P2 Bit
    ◊ 12” Drill Extension
    ◊ 5/8’ Twist Drill Bit
    ◊ Gloves

  • Mobile Tiny House Foundation

    ◊ Trailer specifically designed for mobile tiny house application
    ◊ LED running lights and brake lights
    ◊ 7-pin connector
    ◊ Electric Brakes
    ◊ Four (4) Corner Jacks
    ◊ Underpinnings
    ◊ Flashing

Recommended Upgrade:
CNC Pre-cut Structural Sheathing Package


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