Through award-winning aesthetics, innovation & signature build quality,
Tiny House Chattanooga has captured the attention of tiny housers and media outlets nationwide.

Below is a snapshot of the media coverage we’ve received since launching in 2015.

2016-08 // Tiny House Listings created a video about one of our newest builds, “The Borough”. This is how their staff described this model, “The borough is a tastefully built tiny house built by Tiny House Chattanooga. I recently had the chance to meet Mike Bedsole, the owner of the company and tour his facility. Mike an excellent business man that cares a lot about quality and customer satisfaction. In this video, he gives us a tiny house tour of his latest creation.”

Ongoing // The good folks over at Tiny House Swoon continue to showcase our newest, customer centric builds as well as our newest models such as the “The View“, “The Nixie” and “The Nooga (a client customized version of the “Nooga Blue Sky”).

To view all of Tiny House Chattanooga’s featured builds on Tiny House Swoon, simply click here:

2016-07 // Tiny House Chattanooga was invited to become official contributor to ‘turning tiny’; the official book of the 2016 Tiny House Jamboree. as written by Darin Zaruba from EcoCabins.

We invite you to read Mike Bedsole ‘s contribution on page 473. Get your copy now!

2016-03 // Mike & Deek are back with their potty mouths. Well, not like that but rather talking composting toilets and how they work. 🙂 As Deek notes on his site, the composting toilet segment is about half way through this short video….. for those with a very short attention span 😉

2015-08 // Steven Harrell & the kind folks at Tiny House Swoon, documented our first luxury build, “The Nooga Blue Sky”, in high resolution photos.

Tiny House Swoon, by design, is all about the stunning imagery; not authored content.

2015-10 // Tiny House Chattanooga was invited to local News 12’s “House Chatt” set with host Matt Hullander, to educate Chattanooga residents about tiny houses as a whole, tiny house living and why one might choose a tiny lifestyle. This episode aired 10/15/2015.

2015-10 // The Tiny House Chattanooga team was the featured “Builder of the Month” in the October edition (#34) of the popular monthly digital publication, Tiny House Magazine.

2015-08 // Derek “Deek” Diedricksen, published author, TV host & esteemed maker, filmed Mike Bedsole and THC’s first luxury build, “The Nooga Blue Sky” at the first ever, Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs.

Deek also documented his visit with Mike on the Relax Shack’s website.

Denver Gazette Article on THC & Mike Bedsole

2015-08 // There was a HUGE spread dedicated to the Tiny House Jamboree which was held in Colorado Springs back in August 2015.

Specifically Tiny House Chattanooga received several references & photos within the Gazette’s printed newspaper and on their website.