Shell Only

Like we’ve always said, Tiny House Chattanooga can build any type of tiny house. While many people prefer a full build, we also know that many people had rather have someone else build the shell while they complete the interior themselves. We can build your shell from tiny house plans you’ve purchased or without.

The two most important parts to your build are the trailer and the shell. The shell is the hard part; being a RVIA member we know how to do it swiftly and properly. We never lose sight of your budget and always keep your protection at the forefront by using safety focused, quality materials. Let Tiny House Chattanooga take care of the hard part for you.

Finish Package Levels Description

Both of our packages include high quality elements. The main difference between the two package levels is how much you want to do yourself vs. how much your budget will allow for professional building. To get a full picture, check out what’s included in the finishing packages below to determine which best fits your needs.

Note: If you want to obtain an instant, FREE online quote, you MUST know which level you prefer.