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Mike Bedsole
Mike Bedsole educating potential Tiny Housers at the very first Tiny House Jamboree where we won "Best in Show" back in 2015.

Tiny House Chattanooga is privately owned & operated in Cleveland, Tennessee; just a quick ride from gorgeous downtown Chattanooga. Tiny House Chattanooga is the progression from our beginnings rooted in home remodeling. The remodeling & repair business yielded years of experience and success from projects big and small; ranging from complete home reconstruction to custom specialty projects.

The tiny house community's passionate demand sparked our drive to create innovative designs for this ever-growing community. Building with "out of the box"creativity is what inspires us to deliver mini-masterpieces; converting dreams into a livable reality. Our knowledge, expertise, and determination for building to last will always remain at the core of what we do; and do very well.

To be completely honest, we just really wanted to make building innovative, exciting, and fun again. To build a company that focuses upon unlocking the truly unlimited potential of tiny houses is our goal. So, let's have some fun together and turn just a tiny house dream into YOUR reality.

Let Us Show You How To Stop Dreaming & Start Building!
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